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Urbana U50 Tall Linear Gas Fireplace

Elevate your living space with the Urbana U50 Tall Linear Gas Fireplace. This exceptional fireplace combines cutting-edge technology with refined design. Here are the features that set it apart:

  • Double Glass Safety (no screen required): Safety without compromise. The U50 features double glass safety, eliminating the need for a screen and providing a clear, unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames.
  • Seamless Top to Bottom Glass: Immerse yourself in the dance of flames. The U50’s seamless glass design eradicates gaps, offering an uninterrupted view and enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Adjustable Ember Bed Color LED Lights (available in some models): Customize your fireplace experience with adjustable LED lights. Set the mood and ambiance to suit any occasion, creating a truly personalized atmosphere.
  • Standard Top Lighting Kit: Illuminate your space with grace and style. The top lighting kit, a standard feature across all models, adds an extra layer of charm to your U50 fireplace, creating an inviting atmosphere even when the flames are at rest.
  • Ready for Effortless Installation: The U50 comes prepared for installation, complete with base options. This means you can enjoy the warmth and allure of your new fireplace without delay.

Experience the perfect fusion of elegance, safety, and innovation with the Urbana U50 Tall Linear Gas Fireplace. Elevate your living space to new heights of sophistication and warmth. Welcome the future of fireplaces into your home today.

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Max Input BTU (NG): 38,000

Efficiency: 66.77%

Glass Size: 50″W X 26″H


  • Double Glass Safety (no screen required).
  • Seamless Top to Bottom Glass (no gaps).
  • Adjustable Ember Bed Color LED Lights (some models).
  • Top Lighting Kit (all models).
  • Ready to install with base options included.


Manual:C-16100 Urbana Series Owners Manual R3

C-16105 U50 U50T U70 U70T Quick Install Guide R4

C-16215 U50T U70T Quick Install Guide

C-16581 Instruction Urbana Screen User Manual R1 (1)

C-16582 Instruction U50I-S U70I-S Installation Manual R04

C-16706 U50 U50T U70 U70T Installation Manual R10

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