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Excess Soot Turning Gas Fireplace Logs Black

What is turning my gas fireplace logs black?

Excess soot can build up and turn gas fireplace logs black. This can happen for several reasons; most are easily fixable either on your own or with the help of a trained service tech.

Excess soot can build up on the logs when the yellow flames come into contact with the rough edges of the logs. To clean the soot from the logs, simply brush them off with a soft-bristled brush or a microfibre cloth. It’s best to take the logs out but be very gentle and put down lots of drop cloths. Soot falls off the logs easily and can create a big mess in your home.

Be sure to put the logs back in the correct placement to make sure you don’t see that soot build back up again in no time. You can find the correct placement for the logs in your manual. If you don’t have your manual, just snap a picture of the logs before you get started.


Excess soot turning gas fireplace logs black | safe home fireplace in london & strathroy ontario

If something is turning your gas fireplace logs black again quickly, there could be build up in your burner or below the logs. This area can also be cleaned yourself, however for areas around the burner and controls we always think it’s best to get the professionals on it. They know what to look for, and can help prevent future problems.

There are cleaners on the market that you can spray on to clean the logs, but they’re not recommended. Over time they can discolour the logs and lighten the colour, so they don’t look as realistic anymore.

Excess soot turning the your gas fireplace logs black can lead to additional problems if left unchecked. It can accelerate the appearance of that white film on the glass, that can be pretty tricky to remove over time. It can also lead to additional dust and debris around the burner which then in turn can result in more soot, it’s a full circle situation. Regular fireplace maintenance is key to the prevention of this build up, which also helps reduce wear and tear on your fireplace and ensures you can fire it up at the first sign of chilly weather.

If this isn’t something you’re ready to tackle yourself, that’s no problem. Most gas fireplace service technicians will clean these logs as part of a general cleaning and maintenance call. If you live in London, Strathroy or the surrounding area in Southwestern Ontario then this is a service we can complete for you in no time. Appointments often take about an hour and can help improve the lifespan of your gas fireplace. Give us a call to book your appointment today.

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