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Stuv 30-Compact H

The Stûv 30-Compact H is designed for smaller modern homes, featuring efficient performance and eco-friendly operation with low particle emissions of just 1.8 grams/hour. This model stands out with its three-door system, allowing for versatile operation modes and adaptable orientation for tailored installation. Additionally, the inclusion of a heat accumulator unit prolongs the dissipation of heat post-combustion, extending the sensation of warmth and comfort for an enhanced heating experience in your living space.


Key Features

  • Optimal Size
  • Eco-Friendly Operation
  • Three-Door System
  • Versatile Orientation
  • Heat Accumulator


  • Model: Stûv 30-Compact H
  • Suitability: Ideal for smaller, well-insulated homes
  • Particle Emissions: Only 1.8 grams/hour, meeting strict EPA standards
  • Operation: Three doors for multiple modes of operation
  • Orientation: Can be positioned according to preference for personalized installation
  • Heat Accumulator: Includes a heat accumulator unit that stores and releases heat after the fire has died out for extended warmth.


Technical Data Sheet


Installation Instructions


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