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Stuv 21 Double Face

Stuv 21-Double Sided

The Stûv 21-Double Sided fireplace redefines modern heating with its innovative and versatile design. This double-sided zero clearance fireplace offers a frameless installation, providing a blank canvas for creative installation approaches. Its unique functionality features a sliding glass door that allows for different fire-viewing experiences: fully closed for efficiency and safety, partially raised for an open fire ambiance without backdraft concerns. Combining safety, efficiency, and style, this fireplace is designed to be both a reliable heating source and a striking focal point in any living space. Embrace the warmth and ambiance of an open fire with the Stûv 21-Double Sided, where contemporary design meets functional elegance for a truly captivating fireplace experience.

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Key Features

  • Frameless Design
  • Unique Functionality
  • Flexible Operation
  • Sleek Aesthetic
  • Safety and Efficiency


  • Type: Double-sided zero clearance fireplace
  • Model: Stûv 21-Double Sided
  • Operation: Glass door slides upwards for open fire effect and disappears behind the wall; door can be partially raised for open-fire experience without backdraft risks
  • Design: Frameless design with clean lines for a modern and versatile appearance
  • Safety Features: Efficient and safe operation for peace of mind while enjoying the fireplace
  • Installation: Allows for creativity in installation with freedom to design surroundings in line with individual preferences


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Installation Instructions



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