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Stuv 16-H

The Stûv 16-H is a wood stove that excels in both efficiency and environmental responsibility, optimizing heat production while minimizing emissions. This model features automatic air control, factory-calibrated for optimal performance, simplifying operation for a seamless heating experience. With three sizes and a design that fits into any space, from urban condos to country houses, the Stûv 16-H is a versatile heating solution. The integrated firewood storage adds a convenient touch, combining style with functionality. Embrace the warmth and comfort with the Stûv 16-H—where eco-conscious design meets modern convenience for a perfect heating solution in any home environment.


Key Features

  • Efficient Combustion System
  • Automatic Air Control
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Adaptable Design
  • Firewood Storage
  • Turnkey Operation


  • Type: Wood stove with firewood storage
  • Model: Stûv 16-H
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Control System: Automatic air intake
  • Available Sizes: Three, providing options for different room sizes and styling preferences
  • Installation: Zero-clearance compatibility for flexible placement in various settings
  • Emission Control: Focus on reducing fine particle emissions for eco-conscious heating


Technical Data Sheet






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