Morsø 7642

1200 sq.ft. – 12″ Log size

A work of art providing warmth and well-being.

The 7642 wood burning stove with log drawer is a work of art not unlike a living being, warming your house, your body and soul.

The Morsø 7600 series is based on the convection principle, ensuring wonderfully clean and efficient combustion. At the same time, it is both easy and logical to operate, as the air intake of the stove – and thereby the combustion and heat – is controlled by one single handle. It will heat up to 1200 square feet and is fitted with an advanced combustion system ensuring the supply of tertiary air, providing the optimum control of the combustion process.

The 7600 series has been approved according to the Nordic eco-label, the Swan.

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Product Description


  • Convection Heat
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Gasketed seams for tight seals
  • Chromium treated internal castings for durability
  • Reversible flue collar
  • Non catalytic clean burn technology
  • Clean-burning air wash system
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Pre-heated secondary air
  • Tertiary air supply
  • Ash pan


  • Wood


  • Black


  • N 13240
  • Norwegian Approval
  • EPA Approval
  • DIN Approval

Technical Details

Technical details

Maximum Heat (BTU/hr) 35,000
Test Fuel Load 6 lbs
Particulate Emissions 4.4 grm/hr
Log Size $ 11″
Max. Area Heated 1200 ft²
Firebox Dimensions 13″W x 10½”D
Firebox volume/capacity 0.85 ft³
Gross Weight 348 lbs
Outside Air Supply Available
Mobile Home Approved Yes
Wasington State Compliant

Clearances to combustibles

Basic Clearance using single wall pipe top vent
Stove to side wall 15″
Stove to rear wall 1″
Stove to corner 2½”

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