Enviro Kodiak 1700 Wood Stove

The Enviro Kodiak 1700 freestanding wood stove comes with twin-injector ports for a safe and convenient start-up anybody in the family can become familiar with.

You’d never guess this heavy-duty construction steel, brick-lined firebox weighs up to 400 lbs once the flickering flames begin dancing in the corners of the room and bring cheer to the atmosphere. 

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Model Kodiak 1700 Wood Stove
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) 3,000 ft²
Heat Output EPA (BTU)
74,000 BTU/h
Optimum Efficiency84.7%
Emissions4.5 gm/hr
Firebox Size2.5 ft³
 Log Size (recommended) 20″
 Log Size (max.) 20″
 Burn Time (max.)8-12 hrs
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Top Features

  • Side air damper rod stays cool to the touch.
  • Single, easy-to-use draft control to easily regulate fire.
  • Twin pilot-injector ports for easy start up.
  • Ultra strong air wash to keep glass clean.
  • 3 x 1″ 304 grade stainless steel secondary air tubes.
  • Brick-lined firebox with 6″ flute.
  • Ceramic top baffle.
  • Mobile home approved.
  • Heavy-duty construction weighing up to 400 lbs.
  • 5/16″ thick steel top and ash shelf on flat top models.
  • 1/2″ diameter door handle and hinge pins.
  • Cast iron adjustable door latch.


  • Step Top or Flat Top Body Style.
  • Pedestal Base with Standard Ash Pan.
  • Cast Iron Legs in Painted, Gold or Nickel with Standard Ash Pan.
  • Cast Iron Door in Painted, Gold or Nickel Finish and Painted Door with Gold or Nickel Trim.
  • 135 CFM Fan Kit with Variable Speed Control.
  • “Heat Efficiency Shield” Convection Air Scoop for Flat Top Models.
  • Fresh Air Kit for Airtight Homes.


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