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Blaze LED Light Kit

The Blaze LED Light Kit is a remarkable piece of technology in the world of lighting. This kit consists of high-quality LED strips that are highly efficient and bright. The colors and intensity of the light can be easily controlled through a remote, allowing users to customize the lighting in their room to their own liking. This kit operates on low power consumption, which is great for those who are conscientious about energy usage. The Blaze LED Light Kit is easy to install and can transform the aesthetics of any room almost instantly. The versatility of this light kit is impressive; users can use the Blaze LED Light Kit as a backlight for their TV, as night lights for children or even as a decorative light to enhance the aesthetics of a room. The color-changing feature adds a dynamic element to the room which makes it visually stimulating. The ability to dim the light and change the color ensures that users can effortlessly create the ambiance they desire. The Blaze LED Light Kit offers sophistication and convenience to any room it is installed. It is an excellent choice for homeowners who seek an affordable and sustainable lighting solution that can emit a range of colors. Our sexy red lights are now available in white, amber and blue. These light kits can only change the existing light colors on LTE and professional products.



BLZ-2LED-BLUE, BLZ-2LED-WHITE, BLZ-2LED-AMBER – Compatible with the Blaze Power Burner, Griddle, and Double Side Burner.

BLZ-3PROLED-BLUE, BLZ-3PROLED-WHITE, BLZ-3PROLED-AMBER – Compatible with Blaze 3-Burner Professional Grill

BLZ-4B-LED-BLUE, BLZ-4B-LED-WHITE, BLZ-4B-LED-AMBER – Compatible with the Blaze 4-Burner Professional and 4-Burner LTE Grills

BLZ-5LTELED-BLUE, BLZ-5LTELED-WHITE, BLZ-5LTELED-AMBER- Compatible with the Blaze 5-Burner LTE Grill

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