Pacific Energy NeoStone 2.5 Wood Stove

When powerful performance is properly matched with natural beauty you get the exquisite Pacific Energy NeoStone 2.5 wood stove. Perfect for efficiently heating medium to large-sized living spaces with 85,000 BTU’s. Natural properties of the soapstone cladding allow for amazing heat retention, which will then radiant the heat slowly even after the fire has been extinguished




  • Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU): 85,000
  • Efficiency: 80.3%
  • Emissions: 2.9 gm/hr.
  • Log Size: 18″ (recommended)
  • Flue Size: 6″
  • Firebox Size: 2.5 ft³
  • Glass Size: 184 in²

Key Features

  • Mined Soapstone top and side panels measuring 35mm thick
  • Extended Burn Technology (EBT) automatically and precisely adjusts secondary air flow for longer burn times and a more efficient stove
  • The NeoStone 2.5 is a catalytic-free stove, meaning less maintenance for you while still providing high efficiency and reliability
  • Removable cast iron trivet
  • Approved for mobile home installation
  • Floating firebox technology is more adaptive to expansion and contraction is harsh Canadian climates
  • Hideaway ash system allows for easy cleanup while still providing a clean and modern design


Manual: Pacific Energy Neostone 2.5 Manual

Brochure: Pacific Energy Neostone 2.5 Spec Sheet

Warranty: Click Here!


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