Black Earth Teppan Grill

$650.00 $500.00

The Black Earth Teppan grill combines a flat top cooking surface with a swing out cooking grill to create the ultimate backyard grilling experience. A ½” steel cooking surface provides the perfect searing station. Wood-fired cooking provides flavour unparalleled in a gas grill. Pick your favourite hardwood and enjoy the different flavours you can infuse into your cooking. The patina finish will weather beautifully over time and creates a rustic finish that finds its home in any backyard space.



  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Grilling Area: 700 sq. in.
  • Temperature Range: Based on hardwood choice
  • Assembled Dimensions: 29″L x 29″W x 17″H

Key Features

  • Combine a flat cooking surface with a traditional cooking grate
  • Create a space to gather with your friends while also cooking up some fantastic food
  • COR-TEN weathering steel with a pre-patina combined with a ½” thick steel cooking surface
  • Made in Manitoba, Canada



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