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Iron Embers: The Ultimate Backyard Campfire Fire Pit

There’s just something about a wood burning campfire that draws you in. 

The smell, the sound, the mesmerizing flames. Okay, there’s a lot about wood burning campfires that draw you in. They’re synonymous with Canadian summers – evenings spent in your backyard with friends and family.

Iron Embers has a beautiful selection of wood burning fire pits, handcrafted in the small town of Orton, Ontario by three brothers dedicated to creating the perfect fire pit.  They’re thick steel (1/8” or 1/4”) designed to live outside year-round – which is great news since they’re so heavy. With a five-year warranty (on 1/4” steel models) and a team committed to customer service, these fire pits are built to last.

Iron Embers has a wide selection of fire pit designs, both contemporary and more traditional.

Along with wood burning campfires comes campfire safety. It’s so important to make sure your campfire is safe for both people and the environment. Some great ways to keep your campfire safe include a safety screen and steel top for when the fire pit isn’t in use. Some of the firepits from Iron Embers include a built-in safety screen, while others offer it as an accessory.

And what would a campfire be without some roasted marshmallows or some hotdogs cooked over an open flame. Iron Embers offers a few add-on barbecue grills that will take simple campfire cooking to a whole other level.

One of our favourite recipes to cook over a campfire has got to be the Banana S’more. It’s a pretty simply recipe but is sure to please any campfire crowd – young or old!

You’ll only need five things: a banana, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers and some tin foil. Slice along the inside of the banana and spread open the peel. Sprinkle in a few marshmallows and chocolate chips inside and wrap the whole thing up in tin foil. Pop your little tin foil packet in the fire (or on the bbq grill) for about five minutes. Once they’ve cooled open up the tin foil and dip your graham crackers in that banana masterpiece!

Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms in London & Strathroy Ontario to check out our selection of Iron Embers fire pits.

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