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Safe Home Fireplace is home to this region’s only WETT accredited SITE Comprehensive Inspector. Matt has held his WETT certification for ten years and happens to have advanced standings within the organization (he’s top of his class!).

What is a WETT inspection? Basically, it’s an inspection to make sure your fireplace is installed safely and up to the current specifications. A WETT certificate is often required by insurance companies for your home insurance policy.

Insurance companies often provide very little notice that a WETT inspection is required for your home insurance. We provide your WETT inspection promptly after visiting your house – often the same day so there are no risks to your insurance.

Be sure to check with your insurance company if the require a written certificate of WETT certification or if they only require that the chimney be swept (we do that too)

Technology can be a huge help in ensuring your fireplace is running smoothly. If required, we can arrange to have video footage taken of your chimney system and send it to you in an easy to watch format.

There are times when fireplaces are not up to WETT specifications. We will provide instruction for what work needs to be done and can often provide a quote for us to complete the work for you.

We are experts in wood burning stoves and fireplaces, installing them throughout Southwestern Ontario every day. Each installation we complete is certified up to current WETT specifications.

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